Having your teeth whitened with high-quality products will give you a whiter smile quickly. It will remove any stains that are on your teeth, even the deep ones that you can’t get rid of at home with an over the counter teeth whitener. The level of whitening can be adjusted to your own special needs. You can do this at home at your convenience, or in just an hour or two in the office, it is your choice.

Our dentists will take an impression of your teeth to design custom-fit trays that fit securely around each tooth.  A whitening gel is added to the trays, and the trays are placed in your mouth. The gel is available as a day or night solution.  About two weeks after the procedure, you will notice a brighter, whiter smile.

Teeth whitening will revitalize your entire face, giving a younger and fresher appearance. Discover how great it feels to smile confidently at any occasion. Call for your teeth whitening consultation today!