From teenagers receiving their first pair of braces to adults looking for a straighter smile later in life, our braces are tailored to any and every need. Some patients prefer the look of traditional metal braces, while others rather the more subtle appearance of clear braces. No matter what your preference may be, we’ll ensure that your experience with braces is as smooth as possible.

orthodontic metal braces

Metal Braces

When it’s time to begin detailed orthodontic treatment on a patient, metal braces are often the solution.

Through our personalized approach to care, you’ll engage in regular visits to assess the progress of your treatment and adjust your braces accordingly. While metal braces are available to people of all ages, they are typically reserved for younger patients.

Clear Braces

For those patients seeking effective treatment with less visibility of their braces, clear braces are an ideal choice. The preference among adults needing braces, clear brackets virtually disappear on the teeth to allow for a more subtle approach to care.

orthodontic clear braces


As part of our family-minded approach to care, we will always be upfront and honest about the price of our treatment, with no surprise costs post-treatment. That is why the cost of retention after braces are removed is included in the total price of care.

We provide patients with the resources they need, particularly retainers, to ensure a long-lasting designer smile.

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