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Invisalign and Aesthetic Tooth Recontouring.

This patient was concerned and discouraged by her uneven and spaced out teeth. With Invisalign and aesthetic tooth recontouring, we were able to close the spaces and completely revamp her smile in less than 6 months! Frustrated with your smile? Get your free orthodontic consultation with Lakeside Dental Care today!

Front view Before (top) After (bottom)


Left side Before (top) After (bottom)


Right side Before (top) After (bottom)


Smile Before (top) After (bottom)

Smile Before (top) After (bottom)

Aging dental work to a brighter smile

For patient with the lower crowns:

Smile transformation for one of my favorite patients! They were tired of their aging dental work and wanted a fresh start. We decided to start on the lower arch while the upper arch is healing from cosmetic gum lift and gum graft. Seven Porcelain Crowns and 6 Porcelain Veneers used to create a brighter and fuller smile! Upper arch refresh coming soon! Love seeing the confidence a new smile brings! Esthetic crown-lengthening (gum lift) on the back teeth and Connective Tissue Graft (gum graft) on their front tooth completed by our in-office periodontist Dr. Mahrufa Islam.

A fresh start for aging dental work

A fresh start for aging dental work

This patient with the top bridge work:

This was the most rewarding case of Dr. Henson’s career, thus far. This patient had struggled with substance abuse in the past and it had taken a toll on their teeth. He recently achieved sobriety and was able to finally take back his life. He needed a smile to reflect that change. He wanted a fresh start and truly deserved a new smile. His story was my inspiration! I got to work removing the diseased teeth and rebuilt this patient’s smile with gorgeous new dental crowns and dental bridge work. This patient now has a vibrant, gorgeous smile that matches his personality. His new found confidence is infectious! It’s a reminder that everyone can have a fresh start! Start your journey to a new smile and confidence today.

JT left side before and after

JT’s left side before and after

JT's right side before and after

JT right side before and after

This patient with a top denture and dental implants:

Dr. Henson’s patient said she had forgotten how to smile. She covered her mouth when she laughed. She came to our clinic defeated and wanted a drastic change. Dr. Henson was able to restore her teeth with 8 crowns, a new upper denture, and lower partial denture. 4 dental implants are treatment planned for the top arch to add maximum retention and function. After we completed her treatment, she looked 20 years younger–a true transformation! She now has an infectious smile and a laugh that lights up the room to match!! She told Dr. Henson it was a life-changing experience for her. Now is the time for your FREE dental implant consultation and 3D scan at Lakeside Dental Care!

forgotten how to smile

Dr. Henson’s patient had forgotten how to smile